now shipping and officially announcing this very promising COMpendium
of our entire zebulon residency from last january,
we've outdid what we've done before with this one folks.


prices include shipping, choose yr zone


7 discs impeccably presented with 16 page book
limited edition of 99 copies
handmade/old skool analog hand printed/handbound with love in vermont

COM enthusiasts are treated to "you are there" intimate acoustic performances, full blown electric sets and beyond like you've never heard -> including some rarely performed and debut live tunes! the sound and vibe is paramount, featuring no less than 3 matrices and soundboard/multitrack sources when applicable. i mean, who else would do all that for you but C.O.M.!

players in the "golden road" include rongoose/smokehound/herbcraft/jeremy earl/jarvis taveniere/andre vida/steve gunn/p.g. six/willie lane

while supplies last...